Marine Projects presents an adaptable and dynamic model for engaging with contemporary art. Encompassing the values of both Marine Art Salon (est. 2009) and Marine Contemporary (2011 – 2014), Marine Projects is focused on creating a tailored experience for developing, viewing and collecting contemporary works. Through carefully considered solo presentations, as well as a continuation of our successful salon program, Marine Projects allows for a new level of flexibility: intimate viewings in a domestic setting, salon-style group exhibitions, and wide ranging solo-presentations that increase the possibility for artistic collaboration and innovation.

A majority of Marine Projects are available through Marine Publications, a range of catalogues continuing our dedication to the high quality documentation of contemporary art and exhibitions.

Advisory Services
Marine Projects also offers a full service art advisory. Drawing on founder Claressinka Anderson’s 15+ years as a curator and art dealer, Marine Projects is committed to providing trusted art expertise for a wide range of collection management needs. Working within a broad range of budgets, we draw on our strong connections with art dealers and close relationships with a wide range of international artists, customizing a unique portfolio of options for every client.

Marine Art Salon was established by Claressinka Anderson in 2009. Evoking the elegance of salons past, Marine Art Salon reconsiders and reinterprets the idea of the salon through an ongoing program of art, performance, reading and poetry set in a private home.

From 2011-2014, Marine expanded its program into a dedicated gallery space on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. Marine Contemporary focused on vital contemporary work in all media. The gallery represented a diverse, international roster of emerging and mid-career artists that were all united by astute conceptual practices and a thoughtful, process-driven way of working.