Marine Contemporary

In 2011, Marine expanded its program into a dedicated gallery space on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. The gallery represented a diverse, international roster of emerging and mid-career artists, focussing on vital contemporary work in all media.

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Marine Projects
(2014 – 2017)

An adaptable and dynamic model for engaging with contemporary art. Encompassing the values of both Marine Art Salon and Marine Contemporary, Marine Projects focused on creating a tailored experience for developing, viewing and collecting contemporary works. Through carefully considered solo presentations, as well as a continuation of the successful salon program, Marine Projects allowed for a new level of flexibility: intimate viewings in a domestic setting, salon-style group exhibitions, and wide ranging solo-presentations that increased the possibility for artistic collaboration and innovation.

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Marine has been featured and reviewed in Artforum, The Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Elle, Autre Magazine, Artsy and Angeleno, among others.

A majority of Marine Projects are available through Marine Publications, a range of catalogues dedicated to the high quality documentation of contemporary art and exhibitions.